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best csgo coinflip sites

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What is CS GO coinflip? History of Coinflip game

Coinflip as a game was an official method of settling disputes or choosing between two options with a coin. It consists in assigning the possibility to the two sides of the coin and throwing the coin into the air. When the coin drops, the option assigned to the side shown at the top is selected. The coinflip as a game was known in Ancient Rome as “navia aut caput” – it means “ship or head”. The coins that were used in the game had the ship on first side and the emperor’s head on the other. Nowadays, it is often used in sports and online casinos. In sports, coinflip is very often the method of deciding which team will start a match in football and many other similar disciplines. In NFL competitions, the team that wins the coin flip may choose to start the match or choose the side of the pitch where they will start the match. The losing team gets the second of these choices. In the history of sport, there have also been cases of tossing a coin when there was a draw at the end of the match. In this way, at the football euro 1968, the Italians defeated the USSR after overtime. In the 120th minute the referee, instead of dictating penalty kicks, tossed a coin and that situation ended the match.

How to play cs go coin flip?

The first thing we should do is select the appropriate cs go coinflip site from our list. Each of them is fair and thoroughly checked by our users. Then we should log in and find the free coins tab. This will allow us to collect free credits on start, which will allow us to check the cs go coinflip site before depositing your cs go items. If you are satisfied with the cs go coinflip site you will be able to buy credits. To do this, all you need to do is find the “deposit” subpage and then select the payment method you are interested in. Usually, we can choose to deposit cs go skins, cryptocurrencies, gift cards or payment by credit or debit card. Once we buy credits on coinflip, we can start playing! The principle of cs go coinflip game is the same as a coin toss in real life. In a special lobby on coinflip we can find different players that we can join, or we can create our own game. If we join a player who has bet 50 coins, 50 coins will also be taken from our account. Then the coin will be tossed. If the coin lands on the symbol we bet, we are the winners of the game. The winner of the cs go coinflip game gets his own coins, but also his opponent’s coins. The player has an equal 50 percent chance of winning in coinflip mode. The opponent has the other 50 percent. It is worth mentioning here that the casino takes a commission from every win. These are not large numbers, but you need to take this into account. The exact commission rates can be found in the casino regulations. You can also ask cs go coinflip site support.

How to choose best cs go coin flip sites?

1. Deposits and withdrawals

The most important factor when choosing a cs go coin flip site are the deposit and withdrawal of money. First, we need to check if the cs go coin flip site offers us convenient payments. The casino should have several withdrawal and deposit options to choose from. Thanks to this, we will not have any problems with handling of funds. The most popular payment methods on cs go coinflip sites are: bitcoin cryptocurrency, ethereum, litecoin, credit and debit cards, cs go skins, vgo skins and paypal.

2. Promo Codes & Bonus Codes

It would be great if cs go coinflip site had the option to enter a promo code. This will allow us to test the site before depositing our money. When it comes to bonus codes, there are often various events on cs go coinflip Facebook pages where bonus codes are distributed. Depending on the event type, we may receive different amounts of coins on our accounts. We recommend you to follow your favorite gambling sites on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! The affiliate program is also a great option. By inviting our friends to the site, we can receive great bonuses such as extra coins in our balance or free cs go skins.

3. CS GO Coinflip reviews

Be sure to check the reviews of the website on the Internet before paying for it with your skins, cryptocurrencies, etc. Thanks to this, you will avoid unpleasant situations related to the deposit and withdrawal of your funds. There are a lot of scammers online who are trying to steal your money. Be careful and thoroughly verify every cs go coinflip page before the payment.